What I wore, what I read: End of April

This week felt like the beginning of the end (of my grad career) which means all the feelings EVER. It’s been so hard to start saying goodbye but I’m also getting the warm fuzzies. And the weather has finally been consistently warm, so I’ve been having fun getting dressed. Here’s what I wore this week and what I’ve read…

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Paperbag pants 3 ways

I feel really bad when I buy clothes that don’t feel versatile, so much so that I usually return them. Hence a wardrobe of no statement pieces. But also a wardrobe that makes it easy to get dressed fast. So when I bought this pair of paperbag pants on impulse I thought I better put them to the versatility test…

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What I wore, what I read: March 25-29

It is–cautiously–spring in Colorado. Well, except for Saturday, when we got (more!) snow. Spring makes me an anxious dresser–it feels like I only have a few weeks to try every possible outfit combo before it’s just hot out. Here’s what I’ve been wearing to celebrate the return of sun.

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Every job interview outfit I wore/a life announcement

I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you: I have a job! A professor job! I am so excited. But also a little emotionally exhausted. Before I got the job, I was 95% worry every waking hour (and most of the night…). After, I just have to keep reminding myself that the search is over. But the challenges of trying to graduate are not. I will be starting as an assistant professor in the fall.

I wouldn’t let myself hope for the best–the academic job market is tough (understatement)–so I hadn’t processed any of the exciting parts of having a professor job. And finally getting to talk with you all about the academic job hunting process is one of those things! So, let’s start today with the easy stuff: every outfit I wore to an academic interview.

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Thrifted haul: March

After my shopping freeze in January, I decided to refocus my shopping efforts. My heart has been set on spring and summer-friendly teaching clothes that I can start integrating into my wardrobe now, but will be useful for the upcoming season and our impending move to a much warmer climate! With that in mind, here are the items I’ve thrifted in the last month.

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What I’m wearing during rage winter

I want to burn everything to the ground when it snows. Late February and early March certainly bring out the worst in me, and I get absurdly grumpy when the forecast says anything below 45 degrees. It doesn’t help that every advertisement I see is pushing Spring! Spring! Spring!, or that I’ve been stuck wearing only the same 3 pairs of waterproof boots for the last 4 months. So here’s what I’m wearing in March to combat my why-is-it-still-winter rage.

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Pinterest made me do it

No, I’m not talking about making mason jar salads or wrapping things in burlap (which, ahem, have both happened in my house). Today I’m talking about using Pinterest for outfit ideas! I love browsing Pinterest, finding cool outfit combos, and realizing “hey, I have all the clothes for that!” So this week I let Pinterest dress me. And, just for fun, I tried replicating poses (which was harder than I thought). Here are my Pinterest-inspired outfits of the week.

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Outfits lately and an update on my shopping hiatus

Hello internet. It’s me, Rebecca. I took the last month off of Instagram because I need to graduate. Turns out that if you delete the Instagram app you can write 100 pages in 5 weeks #woops #distracted

But I missed my outfit picture community! So here are some outfit pics I took while I was away, plus a few thoughts on the shopping hiatus I took in January.

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