My year of fun clothes: I think capsule wardrobes messed me up–here’s my year of statement buys so far

Earlier this year I expressed that I think having a capsule closet may have caused me to overcorrect my wardrobe to one where my clothes were TOO uniform and middle-of-the-road. And based on the comments, some of you are also feeling this way. Here’s what I’ve bought since then to add interest back into my style…

A couple things have helped me this year to change up my style. The first was renting clothes, which helped me to try new things without committing to them fully. I did rent the runway for a few months and had a lot of fun–I’ve stopped my subscription for a couple summer months because I wanted to wear my summer clothes and see what I’m missing. Overall, though, I look back at my rented items and notice that I was definitely reclaiming FUN in my closet by wearing new things. Here are some faves:

This sweater is making me think more about adding some statement crochet this summer (yes this is men’s but I think it would work!). I really liked the texture and have been looking for interesting textures ever since!

Sita Murt sweater (if anyone sees this secondhand you must tell me, ok?!)



This is another “if I find this secondhand I am buying it” top, but maybe a short sleeve like this would be more practical in my closet (and fun under blazers).

Tie dye mockneck

Wide leg pants (similar for less)


You can try Rent the Runway at a discount here, if you’d like.

The next thing I did was I tried shopping vintage more frequently! And let me tell ya, vintage clothes are wayyyy more fun than my typical impulse buy! Here are some things I picked up this year:

This faux leather shirt (?) jacket (?) is from the 70s and I’m so excited to style it like this in the fall (here’s something similar–I think this is a great “third piece).

This bleached tee was an easy vintage store purchase that brings my more tailored items (like these shorts) down–one of the things I’ve been playing with more is the idea of “contrast” where I wear something chill with tailored items. I’m really liking it!

Of course, one more thing I did that (I think) changed my style up quickly was cutting all my hair off! I’ve had it cut short before but I forgot that it can feel like a real statement in some ways. I used to shy away from that but now I think it’s kind of a lazy way to look put together 🙂

Here are a few things on my “fun buys only” list for the rest of the year.

-Short cowboy boots. I saw a French woman wearing them with a tennis skirt and a screen tee and I simply must recreate the look. I’m hoping the right vintage pair will appear!

-Statement flats. Sensing a trend? Haha. My shoe collection is still pretty middle of the road (exception: bright birkenstocks) and I’m looking for a few more statement items.

-A fun small purse. I want something that’s a statement that I can pair with neutral dresses when we go to weddings, etc. I have no idea what this will look like–I think I’ll just know it when I see it and will let myself cave to an impulse buy instead of passing it up? If you have any super fun small purses you love let me know!

Is anything on your fun buys list lately?

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