Our DIY Southwestern Jewel Toned Master Bedroom

I was going to wait to post pictures of our new rental house until more of it was “done” but then I started to realize just how long it will take for it to feel done! Life is short. One room is fully furnished and it’s the bedroom. Here are some pictures, if you would like to see…

I think the bedroom came together the fastest in this house because our old apartment bedroom was so terrible. It was in a very dark basement and as a result we never spent any time down there. So I should not have been surprised when, as his last project before we moved, Trevor decided to use his wood shop access to make a headboard.

Overall we knew we wanted to move toward darker jewel tones in here. I have a hard time sleeping and wanted the room to feel pretty dark and cozy despite the three very very bright windows.

We started with this Target bedspread. It was kind of an impulse purchase, except that we spent like 25 minutes staring at it trying to decide if it was the one after both getting really into peachy colors while browsing Pinterest. Then we spent another 2 weeks sending links of various sheet sets back and forth–we couldn’t decide between white, a lighter peach, gray, striped…we went through every color. We finally settled on this dark teal, which I think gives the room a sort of Southwestern vibe, which is just fine because that’s where we live now 🙂

This chair! Another impulse purchase. I saw it at Ikea (this Aperol spritz color was a limited edition–here’s the cushion) and knew I couldn’t leave without it. Finding cool brightly-colored furniture (and clothing!) is challenging on a budget and it was on sale for $60!

The dressers are from Ikea. We stained them, painted the fronts white, and picked out some knobs at Anthropologie. Our side lamps are from Target. The curtains are also from Ikea. They were a bit of a splurge on the just-moved budget but they change the feel of the room a lot so I’m a fan.

There are a million tiny decor decisions left to make in every other room, but we love a good ongoing project. I’m happy that one room feels like home already.

Need more home tour? Here’s my home office!

8 thoughts on “Our DIY Southwestern Jewel Toned Master Bedroom”

  1. I love what you did with the bedside tables! That’s such a great idea for Ikea furniture! I also recently purchased dark, jewel toned curtains for my bedroom and I love the way they look. They also block out light like a dream.


  2. Seconding that I love this headboard! I wouldn’t be surprised to find it in a high-end furniture shop for lots of $$$.


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