The 10 best of-the-moment purses I’ve seen on Amazon

Summer wedding season is here and I really need a new evening bag–I only own one clutch bag right now and it is maroon. While it has carried me through winter and fall weddings, I am ready for something brighter and more fun.

This search led me down an online browsing hole where I found out that Amazon actually has an awesome purse selection. Here are the 10 purses in my cart right now:

Acrylic: Acrylic bags are a thing right now. They’re so funky, but for under $40 I might be willing to try one. This one is a spin on the wooden “ark” bags that I’ve seen floating around the internet. The colors are so outrageous I sort of just feel like I need it. And this one is a more practical evening size, plus, glitter stars are a little out of my comfort zone, and if I’m going to go wild it might as well be as a wedding guest.

Straw: There are so many straw bags out there right now but I don’t want to fork over $80 to have one. This round version is a good dupe for the one Madewell is selling (100% inspired by Natalie Borton to be browsing straw bags). Other options: clutch, half moon, woven. Too informal as a wedding guest? Or right with the season?

Statement evening bags: Some other ideas I have include this shiny clutch purse (so many colors–I’m thinking light blue? A little bit unexpected with seafoam?), or this sequin purse (inspired by this much more expensive look).

Other general nonsense: Of course, on the purse hunt I got distracted, and am now considering a circle handle tote (first image) and a belt bag. They’re both a bit trendy but for under $20 I’m willing to give them a try (will you judge me if I have a belt bag though?!).

What would you pick with my chosen dress (below)? Any other styles of bags you’ve been considering lately?

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4 thoughts on “The 10 best of-the-moment purses I’ve seen on Amazon”

  1. Ooh I’m digging the ark bag dupe with that dress, but a straw bag might be a little more practical for later on (especially if you can go hands-free!). It’s not Amazon, but I’ve seen some good straw bags floating around on Etsy. I look forward to seeing what you decide!


  2. How can this be about ethical shopping and thrifting and you include Amazon — which not only treats their workers terribly but also supports ICE (and consequently their concentration camps)?


    1. Thanks for this information. I am brand new to understanding ethical fashion and am not perfect in the brands I choose to buy or can afford to buy. This post is a couple months old and I ended up using this Amazon list to consider what style I wanted before buying a thrifted straw bag that is similar to what I show here.


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