Hi, hello.

Get To Know Me 🙂

tagged by @tenuredphdstudent 

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Rebs
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Gender: F
Current Time: 10 AM
Average hours of sleep: 9. Sleep forever!
Last thing googled: An article for my queer theory lit review. Which is getting so long because I love it. 
Current number of followers: 40ish. Lil baby blog.
Dream job: Professor. Crossing all fingers and toes. And writing like a mad woman.
Things I post: Clothes. I may have to write 6 papers in the next 3 weeks but damn if I won’t look good doing it. 
Why I chose my username: Because I’ve been thinking and having a lot of conversations with people about how grad students dress. And, because I and many people I know went to the internet before they started grad school looking for advice about what to wear. And because I don’t like traditional business clothes so I’m still figuring out how to look like myself and still feel professional.

i tag: @areasonablydressedwoman @lawandlit @mimi-eats-carbs @wonderwomangrad

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